Unlicensed Irrigation Repairs—Have Channel Locks Will Travel

HIGH WATER BILLS?  ONE IRRIGATION REPAIR AFTER ANOTHER?  IS YOUR MONEY RUNNING DOWN THE STREET?  BEFORE YOU REPLACE THAT TIMER OR THAT VALVE, BEFORE YOU PAY ANY UNLICENSED “BAND-AID” CONTRACTOR WITH A PAIR OF CHANNEL LOCKS AND A SCREWDRIVER, GIVE US A CALL!  WE HAVE THE SOLUTION, AND WOULD CONSIDER IT A PRIVLEDGE TO SHARE IT WITH YOU.  Our talented, highly skilled service technicians can provide you with the freedom and peace of mind to relax and enjoy the precious moments and priceless value of your hard-earned leisure time.  From Arizona to Saudi Arabia and back again, we have repaired and installed miles of pipe, countless valves and programmed innumerable controllers.  We are dedicated to taking the pain out of your monthly water bill while giving you significantly fewer service calls and more time to do the things you enjoy.  Our “Seasonal Service Program” will take the guess work out of when and how much to water your plants. Your plants will be healthier, while you conserve water and save money. Don’t let tedious irrigation repairs rob you of your well-deserved “my-time”. Regain control of your irrigation system and avoid paying those excessively high water bills and costly “band-aid” contractors. For a FREE CONSULTATION AND ESTIMATE, email us or give us a call at (520) 682-0504. Call Acme Irrigation Company for a more permanent solution to your irrigation problems. And visit our website at www.acmeirrigationco.com. OUR NEWLY EXTENDED SERVICE AREA NOW INCLUDES THE COMMUNITIES OF CATALINA, SADDLEBROOKE, DOVE MOUNTAIN AND GLADDEN FARMS. And be sure to like our facebook page at www.facebook.com/acmeirrigation. ROC#098504



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