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Consider this, a permanent, leak-free, repair-free, system guaranteed for “as long as you reside at the above address”*. What a concept! Well, it’s just what we provide. Combined with our “Seasonal Service Program”, Acme Irrigation Company LLC.’s innovative schedule 40 PVC drip irrigation systems are designed and guaranteed to provide you with years and years and years of leak-free, repair-free, maintenance-free operation, taking the sting out of your monthly water bill and giving you significantly fewer service calls. Freedom, time and peace of mind to do the things that you enjoy, without the worry of the dreaded monthly water bill or “vacation surprise”. For for both the landscape savvy homeowner and those who prefer a more “hands-off” style, we will take the guess work out of when and how much to water your plants. Your plants will be healthier, while you conserve water and save money. So, if your drip irrigation system is more than ten years old, if you have had multiple drip system repairs in the last year and you are frustrated with “band aid” contractors who simply move the problem from here to there, email us at or give us a call at (520) 682-0504, and schedule your appointment for your FREE CONSULTATION AND DESERT IRRIGATION GUIDELINE PACKET, INCLUDING SPRING PLANTING TIPS, INFORMATION ON DESERT CITRUS, BASIC SEASONAL DRIP IRRIGATION SCHEDULE, SOIL TYPES AND MORE!Regain control of your irrigation system, stop paying those high water bills and costly “band-aid” contractors, call (520) 682-0504, Acme Irrigation Company LLC. for a more permanent solution to your irrigation woes. Why wait for your next water bill? Call us today!
*Limited to piping and workmanship. Valves and emitters are guaranteed for two years. Controllers are guaranteed for one year. And be sure to like our facebook page at ROC#098504